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Information for the medical parent


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Hello! My name is Shye and I am your new best friend who also has a child with special needs.  I am glad to finally meet you! 

I  have picked up a thing or two since my daughter's arrival in 2016 and I am continuing to learn more.  I would like to share what I have learned (and still learning) with you..... and maybe you can share what you know with me?

I like to talk about hospitals, doctors, nurses, therapy, procedures, labs, medical equipment, research, and really all of the things that come with the territory.  If you want, you can leave comments on my posts or subscribe or email me and tell me your name and what you would like to talk about.

You should know though that I am a normal person. I don't have a medical degree or  medical training.  In my former life, I was an IT project manager which means I can research,  organize and  write about information.  It also means I am good at being  bossy and leading endless meetings (if that is what you are in to).

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